Find hope, fund hope

If this week’s reading about all of these abuses of power and attempts to continue disfranchising Black people has you mad as hell – good, it should. Imagine living it. Channel that rage. There are many great groups working on voting rights issues and working to make democracy available to minorities that have been systematically barred from participating.

Many of them are national campaigns or groups you’ve hopefully heard of already: The NAACP and NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Indivisible, the ACLU, Let America Vote, and the League of Women Voters. But there are many others. Woke Vote. The Brennan Center. Common Cause. The Campaign Legal Center. The Southern Coalition for Social Justice. Transformative Justice Coalition. FairVote. Native American Voting Rights Coalition. Voto Latino. And so many others.

There are also local groups working in communities around you. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the badass work going on, try searching on the Movement Voter Project, which allows you to filter by region and organization type, or the Black Voters Fund, which is co-curated with the Black Voters Matter Fund into a portfolio of Black-led organizations.

Our action item is simple but important: research some of the amazing work done by these organizations (particularly local ones) and commit to donating your money, time, or talent to assisting their efforts. Talk to your friends. Get them to do the same. Use peer pressure for good, y’all.

Header image from the Black Voters Matter Fund.

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