Race, Struggle and Achievement: Reclaiming the “Blacklist”


For the last movie night of the month we look at stories of some notable Blacks in government, film, music, comedy and other areas of American life and culture. During Elvis Mitchell‘s The Black List, they reflect on where they’ve come from, where we’ve come from, and keys to a new American future.

Chris Rock has a dream:

“The true, true equality is equality to suck like the White man. That’s really Martin Luther King’s dream comin’ true is guys suckin’… Not that I want to be bad, but I want the license to be bad and come back and learn.”

Rock is joined by , Susan Rice, Serena Williams, Slash from Gun’s ‘N’ Roses, and many more.

Many Black people have had to work twice as harder (or harder) to achieve the same “success” as their white counterparts or colleagues. It’s something often taught to children.

[Note: for folks viewing this not in the US, here’s a Vimeo link of the whole episode]

In this clip, Larry Wilmore dissects and destroys political arguments that claim Black people want free stuff. “The only time Black people would have voted for free stuff would’ve been for Abraham Lincoln, when the stuff they wanted be free was themselves.”

In another clip from the Nightly Show, The Nightly Show’s Mike Yard reveals he doesn’t get free stuff, so he thinks he’s been blacklisted from the blacklist.

Finally, have a listen to the amazing soul singer, Charles Bradley. Born in 1948, his career started in the mid-90’s as a James Brown impersonator, and has received great acclaim over the last decade after many years of substantial struggle. Check out his single The World (Is Going Up In Flames).


He is also the subject of a documentary called Soul of America, which can be an additional movie night viewing!

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