Justice Requires Accountability


Today in Racial Injustice: Eugenics (click to learn more at EJI.org)

Threats to justice affect us all. If a Black person can be hauled into jail and have their rights violated, what will save anyone else? We are all threatened by the whim, caprice, and power the Criminal Injustice System that permeates American society.

A pillar of this system is the power of the police.  Police brutality is a problem for the Black community, and others, but it is fundamentally a problem of our policing system. One of the ways to address police brutality is to address accountability. Who polices the police?

This Week Tonight‘s John Oliver lays out the arguments clearly.

There are alternatives to policing and solutions for communities policing themselves. Journalist Shaun King has written a set of solutions for addressing Police Brutality. Want to stay up-to-date on this issue? Follow King on Facebook and Twitter. You won’t miss a thing.

You can also work at the local level, within your own city or town, to help end police brutality– this article in Mic has 15 suggestions for where to start. If you want to dive deeper, into alternatives to policing, check out this incredible toolkit for justice in policing. There you’ll find not only ways of correcting and replacing policy that uphold bias in policing, but alternatives to current models of policing as well.

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