Doing the Work

Read Don’t make them serve the diversity from Chanda Prescod-Weinstein. The fatigue associated with being a Person of Color and still having to do all the work of educating, discussing, sharing for those around you can be draining. In this piece, Chanda reminds us of this and the concrete steps you can take to learn without always relying on those around you who are in the (racial/gender/ability) minority to do the work for you.

For a musical interlude, listen to the High Priestess of Soul herself, Nina Simone.

Sinnerman is her incredibly powerful rendition of an African American traditional spiritual song that will rouse your soul. The powerful beats make one think of how a lack of safety in your daily life can be destabilizing and disruptive.

Next up, we have an activity:


Today in Racial Injustice: Birth of a Nation (from

Think about being a person of color or imagine, that you are the parent or sibling of black man or black woman. Imagine that you’re driving somewhere for work, a one-hour trip through a city that’s new to you. Imagine that your tail light breaks. And then you’re pulled over by the police. As they approach the car, do you feel like your life is safe? If this happened to you, or if you had to worry about this every day, what would that do to you?

This StoryCorps story is about just one such event, and the unexpected threat of death based on just the color of your skin. It’s called Traffic Stop

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