Seeing White

Suggested Social Media for Week 2: A Twitter list for Black culture

This week we move from learning about Black culture and expression through art, music and the written word, to confronting Whiteness and its privilege and oppression. It’s not a topic that is easy to approach, but there’s a lot of reading/thinking/learning to be done so let’s get started.


Today in Racial Injustice: Doddsville, MS (click to learn more at

First up, Dr. Amina has made available the reading list for a recent course in the Psychology of White Racism. This is a great resource for that complete list you wanted to get your hands on, for everything from The Political Economy Of White Racism in the United States (Louis Kushnick) to books covering personality psychology, like Racism and White Racial Identity (James M. Jones & Robert T. Carter).

Next, In a short bit, comedian Aamer Rahman skewers the idea of “reverse racism.”  Rahman observes that many white people forget about the importance of history and context, when interpreting approaches to humor and prejudice by Persons of Color.  

It’s a light segue to a more dramatic piece about white radicalization. This pieces looks at the way acts of violence (whether physical acts of the verbal abuse) by white people that seem to have intensified in their frequency since November 2016. While the idea of a radical religious group is ever-present in the media, people are much slower to discuss those same radical elements within White america.

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